[News] Intermezzo – Bang Yong-guk I remember MV

24 Sep

I don’t know what kind of this words is it. Is it a lyric of song or a poem or just a scramble letters of an abstract words. It’s up to you. I just want to write something in english to train my english ability. I don’t know why i choose ‘love’ as the theme. Perhaps because love is general and i always listen to love-song. Write about love is the easiest way to train my english ability since i was really love writing ^^ kekekeke

I have just removed everything about us

Telling to my heart to stop asking for your love again

I have just deleted the memories of the way you smile

And telling to my eyes to try to look for a better life

This time is truly sick

I couldn’t deny the shadow that you left on my room

Going crazy cause of the smell you left on my bed

why are you keep coming back on my mind?

Wanna wipe your tears like used to be

Giving much of love for your energy

And holding your hands then please smile to me

But it was just my old memory

There’s a big hole on my love story

My heart felt cold cause it’s too empty

What i have done to forget you is a nugatory

Always keep thinking of you so baby please come to me..

I can’t wait any longer

All the day is passed slowly

My heart is going to be broken

What i want is hugging you for a second

So i can fix this heart and breathing normaly

I know that you hate for seeing me

It’s hurting you when listen to my voice

It’s damaging your mind brutally like wanna die

Please forgive me even just once

I’ll fix every fault that i did

Okay, the end. What i wrote here is not the translated of Bang Yong Guk’s song. Actually this ‘story’ is my way to re-tell what i’m thinking about Bang Yong-guk’s song , I Remember. I really love that song and i really like the storyline of the music video.

It is about a man who loves his girlfriend. Eventhough they often argue and fight, but the man still love her no matter what. But finally they broke up. The man always keep thinking of his girlfriend and know that he still love her. Idk what actually happen but oneday the man took his gun to help his ex-girlfriend because she was in danger. The man walk between S.W.A.T because his ex-girlfriend was kidnapped and taken captive by a group of bad guys. But when the man want to kill the kidnapper, the police is shoot him first for several times. But the man still have some strength to shoot the kidnapper. When all the kidnapper died, suddenly his ex girlfriend was shooted by the police. (i was wondering if this couple is a gang) and fell on the man’s chest. The man was crying also his ex-girlfriend. Their clothes was covered in blood. When the girl turned her face she saw that actually her ex-boyfriend was died first. So the man who captured her self was a spirit of her ex-boyfriend.

Here is the music video

Bang Yong-guk on his mv! OMG He’s adorable >,


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